About Colleen

Bio PIcHello!  I’m Colleen McCarthy-Boggs, owner of Colleen’s Creature Care, avid dog lover and enthusiastic pet parent!  Yes, that’s me pictured with the two loves of my life, my Goldendoodle, “Bailey” and Cocker Spaniel, “Summer”.  My two little fur babies have inspired me to do some wonderful things since they came into my life; one of the those things is starting a professional pet sitting service where I can nurture and care for your pets like I do my own, when the excitement of being on vacation or the responsibilities of a job take you away from home.

Before I started Colleen’s Creature Care I had the honor and privilege to serve on active duty for 21 years in the United States Coast Guard.  I had the opportunity to live all over this wonderful country, meet so many different people and gain some very unique experiences.  However, as my Coast Guard duties changed and I spent less time on the high seas and more time on dry land I decided it was the perfect time to experience pet ownership; this is when I brought Bailey into my life, then eventually Summer.  I very quickly realized that having a pet is not necessarily about “owning” them but rather parenting your pet and sharing your life, your home, and your daily comings and goings with them.  Bailey and Summer have added so much joy to my life and they have both taught me so much about good pet parenting and appropriate pet care.

As a pet parent, I too have been faced with the dilemma of wondering what to do with my pets when my travels take me away from home.  Sure, there are other options besides in-home pet sitting such as boarding or dropping your pets off to a friend or family member.  However, I have personally experienced the inconvenience of using a boarding facility, the business hours are often not conducive to my travel schedule and I have to build in the time to  transport my pets to and from their location.  And then there’s the imposition of asking family and friends to keep my pets in their home and look after them while I’m gone.  This is why I started an in-home pet sitting service.  I know that Bailey and Summer enjoy being in the comfort of their own home, sleeping in their own beds, playing in their own yard and staying in their own routine when I’m gone and I know your pets will too!  And the best part is, your pets are already home waiting for you upon your return.  Now, that’s home sweet home!

My passion for pet care is applied in every aspect of my pet sitting business.  I am a certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International, certified in Pet CPR, First Aid and Care through PetTech and I’m also a Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor.  

Bailey, Summer and I thank you for visiting Colleen’s Creature Care and we hope you call upon us to service all of your pet sitting needs! 




My website is dedicated in loving memory of “Chopper”. Proud Veteran, Beloved Mascot and Best Friend.