Dog and Cat Sitting



THE STAYCATION.  Is doggie on a “staycation” and desires an in-home concierge service?  Three daily visits to your home to indulge and pamper your pooch with personal attention and lots of affection. $49 for the entire daily service of three visits; each additional dog in the home is $5.  Each visit is 30 minutes.  Belly rubs and cuddles are complimentary!

THE NIGHTCAP.  Does doggie need a nightcap before turning in? One last stroll through the yard or neighborhood to take in the night air and tend to any last minute “business”.  $10 per visit; each additional dog in the home is $3.  Each visit is 15-20 minutes. This is a perfect addition to the “Staycation”.

DINNER RESERVATIONS.  Does doggie just need dinner and a nightcap? Whether you’re spending an evening in Atlantic City or going to see a game in Philly, this service is perfect for those pets whose parents are leaving later in the day and enjoying an evening out. $30 for one dog; each additional dog in the home is $8. The service includes a 30-minute dinner reservation followed by a 15-20 minute nightcap later in the evening.

BED & BREAKFAST.  Does doggie need a bed & breakfast service?  Whether you’re going to NYC to see a play on Broadway or spending date night in the city, this service is perfect for those pets whose parents are spending an evening away from home and returning the next morning. $30 for one dog; each additional dog in the home is $8.  The service includes a 15-20 minute nightcap with a 30-minute “breakfast in bed” service the following morning.

THE PAMPERED PUPPY.  This service is perfect for your cuddly little bundle of joy that requires frequent exercise, affection and potty breaks while you’re away from home during the day.  Each visit is scheduled for 30 minutes.  We will visit your puppy (under the age of six months) every 2-4 hours depending on the pup’s age. Each visit is $15; each additional puppy in the home is $5.



THE CAP NAP.  Is kitty relaxing at home while you’re away on vacation? One daily visit to your home to dote upon kitty with lots of play time and affection. $18 for one daily visit of 30 minutes; each additional cat in the home is $2.

ONCE KITTEN, TWICE SHY.  This service is ideal for the kitty requiring a little more TLC and likes to be visited twice a day.  $30 for two daily visits; each additional cat in the home is $2. Each visit is 30 minutes.

RAINING CATS AND DOGS.   Does kitty have a canine brother or sister?  If we are caring for a dog in your home, kitty will enjoy a multi-pet discount on her visit!  A flat rate of $10 per day will be applied to kitty’s visits; each additional cat in the home is $2.

Visits include:

Feeding, brushing, fresh water, exercise and playtime, dog walking, pet waste disposal, kitty litter scooped, cleaning cages and bedding, administering oral medication, cuddles, belly rubs and lots of love.

Complimentary Services:

Bringing in the mail, newspapers and packages, watering houseplants, rotation of lights and blinds, putting out trash and recyclables, removal of any mailing flyers.