Pet Chauffeur

Dog-Booster-Seat2PET CHAUFFEUR  is the perfect service for doggies and kitties that need to make their vet or grooming appointments while their parents are working or away on vacation.  Chauffeur service is scheduled Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. The pet’s appointment locations must be within our service area; additional charges apply if the destination is outside of the service area.  Round trip chauffer service is $20.



Dog in carSAFETY FIRST.  The safety and well being of your pets is our #1 priority!  The Pet Chauffeur service will be carried out in accordance with the appropriate New Jersey statue for properly transporting pets in a vehicle.  All pets in our vehicles will be properly secured within a soft, closed pet carrier appropriate for their size or they will be tethered to the seat belt system.