Class Descriptions/Rates

Pet Saver:  this course of instruction is ideal for pet parents, pet care professionals, and animal shelter and rescue group volunteers

The Pet Saver Program is an eight-hour course that will cover a number of valuable first aid skills and information to help keep your pets happy and healthy.  The class is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands on skills practice and incudes the Pet Saver handbook.  Upon successful completion each student will receive a certificate, which is valid for two years.   $129 per student

Class topics include: 

  • Caring for your “Senior Petizen”
  • Pet First Aid
  • Restraining and muzzling
  • Primary pet assessment
  • Pet CPR
  • Choking management
  • Bleeding and shock
  • Insect bites and stings and snakebites
  • Heat and cold injuries
  • Seizures
  • Snout-to-tail assessment
  • Assessing your pet’s vitals
  • Dental care for your pets
  • Contents of the pet first-aid kit


PET CPR & FIRST-AID. Pet first-aid is the immediate care given to a pet that is ill or injured. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first-aid can mean the difference between life and death for your pet. Being prepared is the key to success!

Pet CPR and First-Aid Course is a five-hour class where students are taught through lecture, demonstration and hands on skills practice, how to handle life-threatening situations with your pets. Topics range from handling a variety of emergency scenarios, rescuing breathing and snout-to-tail assessment. Upon successful completion of the course each student will receive a certificate, which is valid for two years. $99 per student


Hiking and Walking:  This course is ideal for pet parents who enjoy lots of outdoor time with their furry family members.

You can have lots of fun exploring the great outdoors year round with your dogs including hiking, walking, camping, fishing and beach going.  Many of our explorations take us to different places away from home.  The key to having a safe and enjoyable time outdoors with your pets is being prepared for a pet emergency and knowing all the local information where you’re exploring. 

The Hiking and Walking course is a two-hour class full of information for having a safe and enjoyable hike with man’s best friend.  Topics covered range from proper planning for a successful hike to emergency response while on the trail. $49 per student


More Upcoming Classes

Classes are always being added to the schedule. If you don’t see a class scheduled that you can attend, please check back for future sessions.

Request Your Own Class

If you are interested in requesting any of the classes for your professional group, association or just a group of pet loving friends, contact us and we can schedule a class on a date and at a location convenient for you! If you can provide a classroom, meeting room or an adequate facility contact Colleen about a group discount.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates make the perfect gift for the pet lover in your life. Gift certificates are available for any of the three courses offered. Contact us today for more information!