Small Pet Sitting


pocket_pet_wellnessCREATURE FEATURE.  Is your home adorned with precious little creatures? This service is perfect for all the needs of your bunny, hamster, ferret or other small pocket pets. $12 for a 30 minute visit that includes feeding, fresh water, cage cleaning, social interaction and exercise. If you have more than one pocket pet OR if there is already a dog or cat in the home being cared for by us, visits are $6 per small pet. If your little pet needs more TLC, please call for pricing on a custom package tailored to all their daily needs.




BIRDS OF A FEATHER.  Is your beautiful bird of paradise nesting at home while you’re busy traveling?  We provide “sunrise and sunset” services for birdie, visiting twice a day to greet them in the morning and put them to bed in the evening. $30 per day for two 30 minute visits that include feeding, fresh water, cage cleaning, playtime and social interaction. If your exotic little companion requires a different schedule than what is offered, please let us know so we may arrange for a schedule that is most accommodating.

Visits include:

Feeding, brushing, fresh water, exercise and playtime, dog walking, pet waste disposal, kitty litter scooped, cleaning cages and bedding, administering oral medication, cuddles, belly rubs and lots of love.

Complimentary Services:

Bringing in the mail, newspapers and packages, watering houseplants, rotation of lights and blinds, putting out trash and recyclables, removal of any mailing flyers.